Mighty Ghosts
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The Band

Aaron Shear: Vocals, Ukuleles
Andy Sheie: Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo
Gus Smith: Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Lucas Jones: Upright Bass
Marni Afryl: Drums


The band originally formed in the bayside town of Bellingham, WA in 2000. The earliest version of the band focused around ukuleles and a string band sound. After relocating to Portland, OR in 2005, the band expanded its roster while still focusing on earlier folk and string band arrangements and adopted the name, Mighty Ghosts Of Heaven, and played for several years.

In 2008, the current band, the Mighty Ghosts, formed in the wake of the eclectic old-time string band, Mighty Ghosts of Heaven. While the earlier incarnation pushed the boundaries of the genre, the new lineup took a big step outside. Focusing more on the original songs of Gus Smith (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica) and adding Marni Afryl on the drums, the bands scope continued to broaden. Andy Sheie became the bands multi-instrumentalist, switching between guitar, banjo, and fiddle, as well as providing vocal harmonies. Ukulele maestro Aaron Shear, and upright bassist Lucas Jones stayed on as the band's foundation. Their new album, Aberdeen, brings their American roots influences to new levels of originality and vitality.

Former members include Linnea Spitzer (Greasy Chain String Band) and Kati Claborn (Blind Pilot).

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