Mighty Ghosts
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Kati & Gus

    Track Listing

  1. Muskrat
  2. Adieu False Heart
  3. Leatherwing Bat
  4. John Hardy
  5. Story The Crow Told Me
  6. Billy The Kid
  7. Your Long Journey
  8. Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie
  9. Duncan & Brady
  10. I Never Will Marry
  11. Turn Your Radio On
Kati & Gus

"Kati & Gus" is the first recording of what became Mighty Ghosts. It features the broad range of styles that is the Ghosts trademark today. Many of these songs are still being performed by the Ghosts.

Additional musicians include: George Hossaphatt - bass, Jordan Francisco - mandolin and banjo, and Rich Canut - saw. Recorded by Rich Canut at Lab Partner Studios, Bellingham, WA. Mastered by Doug Krebs at Dig Recording, Portland Oregon. Album Cover by Gus Smith. Out of print.

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