Mighty Ghosts
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Mighty Ghosts Of Heaven

    Track Listing

  1. Grapes Will Turn To Wine
  2. Hawthorne Gals
  3. Hey There Catfish
  4. Look Down That Lonesome Road
  5. Gambling Boy
  6. It's Sad (But I'm Long Gone)
  7. Wedding Dress
  8. Virginia, You're So Mean
  9. Three Little Babies
  10. Chickens Are A-Crowin'
  11. Who Killed Poor Robin?
  12. Blue Yodel #2
  13. The Buried Pearl
  14. Matty Groves
  15. Mama, Keep Your Yes Ma'am Clean
  16. State of Arkansas
  17. Katy Cruel
Mighty Ghosts Of Heaven

"Mighty Ghosts of Heaven" shows the band solidified in both personnel and purpose. Featuring Gus, Kati, Aaron, and Linnea, in addition to Andy Sheie on washboard and Lucas Jones on bass, the album bristles with ambition. For the first time the Ghosts include several original compositions alongside their usual eclectic mix of traditional material. "Mighty Ghosts of Heaven" reveals the exciting possibilities of contemporary string band music.

Recorded by Chet Lyster at Chetland Studios, Portland, OR in June 2007. Mastered by Ryan Foster at Freq Mastering, Portland, OR. Album artwork by Gus Smith and printed with much care on 100% recycled stock by Stumptown Printers, Portland, OR. Additional Percussion by Chet Lyster.


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Mighty Ghosts Of Heaven - Mighty Ghosts of Heaven

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