Mighty Ghosts
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    Track Listing

  1. Tap
  2. The Ballad Of The Soldier's Wife
  3. The Golden Vanity
  4. Fly Around My Pretty Miss
  5. All About You
  6. Miner's Lament
  7. Lulu Gal
  8. Edward
  9. Lady Margaret
  10. Blow The Horn, Blow
  11. Delia's Gone
  12. New Prisoner's Song
  13. Dog Tick
  14. Blackberry Blossom
  15. Shadow Of The Pines
  16. Blood On The Saddle
  17. Diamond Joe
  18. Little Sadie
  19. Suzie Gal
  20. I Double Do Love You
  21. The Wrong Road
  22. The Werewolf

"Werewolf" (named after the brilliant Michael Hurley song that closes the record) shows the band stretching out and experimenting. Recorded mostly live with Kati, Gus, Aaron, and George Hossaphatt on bass, the album also features a scattering of short, inspired musical vignettes that help to guide the listener through the Ghosts diverse repertoire. "Werewolf" is also the first appearance of fiddler Linnea Spitzer.

Additional musicians include: Rich Canut - saw, Jordan Francisco - guitar and Labrynt McLaughlin - vocals. Recored by Rich Canut at Lab Partner Studios, Bellingham, WA in February 2004. Mastered by Doug Krebs at Dig Recording, Portland, OR. Album cover by Gus. Out of print.

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